Nephews and Ice Cream

Yep, they go together, like peas and carrots, only a lot cuter and yummier.  When they come to visit, the nephews, and you throw in a visit to an ice cream parlor, hilarity ensues, with smiles, bursts of elated vocalizations, and nomming of ice cream.  These times remind you of what’s important in life, which most certainly is not the bullshit processes you have to follow at your place of employment, the petty grievances of people in your life, or that asshole who tailgated you for like 20 minutes yesterday.  Baby nephews and ice cream put all these things into perspective, and put them in their place, which is to say, out of contention for “important things in my life”.

Have you seen the excitement of a baby nephew when presented with ice cream?  Ice cream?!  Who gets that excited about ice cream?  Baby nephews, that’s who, and it’s infectious, like a baby’s smile or laugh, your bad day just turned baby-nephew awesome, and those petty issues dragging your mojo down simply evaporate into the ether.

What’s ether?  Look it up, and enlightened you shall be.




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