Takes 2 to Tango – The INFJ and the Narcissist

INFJs are extremely sensitive and empathetic, and so it shouldn't be a surprise that energy-sucking vampire (ESV) personalities are attracted to INJFs, who also have a great need to help people. Possibly the worst sort of ESV is the narcissist, and INFJs find themselves entangled in various sorts of relationships with them, from personal to … Continue reading Takes 2 to Tango – The INFJ and the Narcissist


The concept of empathy is easy to describe, but, ironically, can only be understood if one has the capacity for it.  It's at once the ability to project your experience outside of your self frame of reference, added to the ability to re-absorb the projected experience.  It has a positive connotation in that empathy modifies … Continue reading Empathy