I had traveled a long way already, or so I told myself.

I had overcome obstacles insurmountable when viewed rationally, but inexorable when viewed as a condition of reality.

My path had forked many times already, with each new crossroad a chance for panic and crisis, and redemption.

Hindsight shows the obvious, that each path taken had led me to this spot. This new crossroad, with its branches upon branches of unknown potentials and perils.

In hindsight, will my future self look back at this crossroad as another obviously chosen path among the infinite possibilities.  Could my future self give me a hint?  Because right now I don’t see the clear choice.

Nothing comes.

And there’s no going back of course.  You can double back on the path you’ve taken, but when you arive you find that the landscape has changed, and the paths at the crossroad once numerous are now absent.  And you discover that you haven’t gone backwards at all, but only another form of forwards.

Crossroads are tricky like that.  They present false choices, each with dubious merit. And only upon selection, action, movement, in hindsight does the Schrodinger cat take a form.

Well, here I am again, at a crossroad, weighing my options, discovering my options, unsure which direction to move, getting no help from my future self.  Unless… perhaps my future self does send some kind of message to me, traveling through time and the ether to nudge me just a little bit in one direction.

Maybe intuition, that little “voice”, that feeling.  Is that the message?

Well, here goes……


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